Larva Observation



external image americanlady.jpg

Hypothesis: What do you think your Painted Lady larva will need to survive? food,water,habatait

Our Painted Lady larva measures in mm: 4
How many legs does it have? 6
The caterpillar's food is made from a plant called mallow.
How does the food feel? The food feels mushy.
How does the food smell?bad it smells really bad
How does the food look? The food looks tan and mushy.
here is a picture of a painted lady:
European Map
European Map

Caterpillar Observation


here is a pic of our class caterpillar
external image mature%20mon%20caterpillar.jpg

Our caterpillar measures in mm:21mm
Hypothesis: How does your caterpillar get bigger? The caterpillar grows by eating.

Chrysalis Observation


Here is a picture of our chrysalis.external image low-res-chrysalis.jpg
Hypothesis:it is in its pupa stage in the chrysalis
What do you think is happening to your caterpillar inside the chrysalis?it is turning into a butterfly
When the chrysalis is about 7 days old it will turn dark.
Why do you think this is happening?because this is one of there stages in life
They take up more room which means less light.

Adult Butterfly Observation

external image americanlady.jpg
external image americanlady.jpg

Hypothesis:it will be a pretty butterfly and it went throw the circle of life
What do you think we need to feed our butterflies?a sponge that has sugar and water mixed together to make a type of drink for the butterfly
How many segments does your butterfly have?0
How many legs does it have?6 legs 7

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