Sea Lion

By: Abby And Gabby

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Notes: Physical Description

What does this animal look like? Be sure to name unique characteristics of your animal!

  • sea lions have tiny ears and a fat layer called Blubber.
  • Blubber keeps them warm in the winter. (animals do not usually have Blubber)
  • Sea lions have special eyes that can see under water.
  • whales and manatees have Blubber to.
  • Blubber can be 6 inches but it can also be 900 pounds!
SL.jpg Does your animal always look the same, or does its appearance ever change? (From baby to adult? From season to season?)

  • are animal (when a baby) is like a miniature version of the adult.

Does your animal's appearance protect it in any way?

  • Yes it dose protect are animal because it has camouflage.

Notes: Habitat

Where does your animal live?

  • Are animal lives in Pacific Coast of North America
ama.gif What is that place like? (Forest, desert, water, weather?)

  • water lots of water so they can swim
  • it is very cold where they live

Is that place always the same? Does it ever change? How?

  • add bulleted description here (no full sentences or paragraphs)

Notes: Food Chain

What does your animal's food chain look like?
  • our animal eats squid,octopus,and fish

Does your animal prey on any other animals? If so, name them!

  • no it doesn't prey on any other animals

Does your animal have any predators? If so, name them!

  • polar bear and humans

Notes: Life Cycle

How does your animal's life cycle begin? As a baby? An egg?

  • our animals life cycle begins as a baby
  • it is a mammal so it is born alive

What changes does your animal go through to become an adult?

  • It just keeps growing and growing
here is a picture of a baby sea lion

I Wonder Questions (and answers)

  • do they have ears?
  • yes they do have ears.
  • how do they doge predators? For question prompts check here - questiontypes.pdf.
  • they do that by swimming fast.
  • challenge - add bulleted answer underneath each question

Resource #1: Title of book, website, or encyclopedia here

  • we used a zoobook
  • it didn't say the authors name
  • We found it on all the pages

Resource #2: Title of book, website, or encyclopedia here

Resource #3: Title of book, website, or encyclopedia here

  • We used a seals and sea lions book
  • We didn't read the author
  • We found it in the whole book

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